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Now for 2017 the 7th Generation Intel® Core™ i3, i5, and i7 Processors With Windows 10

Saturn Micro + Computer Price Sheet
Features the New Intel 7th generation Intel Core processor family. This is the computer for your home or office when you need extra performance.

Saturn Basic Computer Price Sheet
Our standard computer for the home or office...
This computer features the Intel 7th generation Intel Core processor family.

Case for the Micro + Saturn Computers

This is the case we normally use for our Micro + Saturn Computers.



Mouse and Keyboard
This is the standard mouse and keyboard which comes with each new computer.

Saturn Elite Computer Price Sheet
Our top of the line computer. Suitable for everything including high end gaming.
Features the Intel 7th generation Intel Core processor family.

Saturn Mini + Computer Price Sheet
When space is an issue… This computer features the Intel 6th generation Intel Core processor family.

Case for the Saturn Mini + Computer
Above is our new Mini + Computer Case.

Used Computers for Sale - None

Computer Parts in Stock or Special Ordered.


You cannot compare today’s processor speeds with older processor speeds, GHz (Giga Hertz). Take for example one of the fastest processors we sold in February 2006, an Intel Pentium 4 670 which ran at 3.8 GHz, and compare it with the slowest processor we sell today. It is over twice as fast as the Pentium 4. So don’t look at the processor speed of your older computer, and think that since your processor speed is higher than the new processors, you won't be getting a faster computer. The new processors are more efficient than the older processors and perform more operations per cycle than the older processors, and are much faster than any of older computers regardless of the processor speed.

Contact us with questions, further custom requests, a recommendation, and/or to place an order.

Whether you desire a custom built model for your home or office or a server for your business, at Saturn, we use only the latest technology & highest quality components - all new, never refurbished. And because we build each computer ourselves to meet your specifications and needs, we're going be able to provide you with superior local service & support.

Remember, you choose your case style preference, the speed, the hard drive size, monitor, the software you will need, and any other accessories. We will install & setup all software purchased with the computer. We, unlike some companies, provide all disks & manuals included with the software and hardware components.

Note: We are still selling computers with Windows XP installed. Also, if you have an existing computer running Windows XP, we are able to copy everything from your old computer to the new computer so you don’t have to reinstall everything to your new Saturn computer.

We are now installing Windows 7 and 8.1 on our new computers. We can install Linux if requested. Need anything unusual or special installed? Just ask.

Contact us. Thank you.



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